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Setting The Standard: How Solar Energy Fuels Our Bayside Puerto Escondido Office

Posted by Ailen on July 25, 2023

Regardless of the time of year, the Oaxaca coast is always drenched in sunlight! The use of solar panels here has surged over the past years providing benefits for the community, businesses and the environment. Our Bayside Real Estate Puerto Escondido office operates 100% on solar energy reducing our carbon footprint.

A compelling choice for our local offices, Bayside uses a total of 20 solar panels. The panels are connected to a battery storage system with 3 batteries that store the solar-generated energy. These panels generate enough energy to power all the needs of the office reducing our pressure and dependence on the centralized power grid and promoting sustainability.

The newer generations of solar panels typically have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance making them a reliable energy solution. The panels and batteries are eco-friendly and power our office appliances including 4 AC units, computers, a mini fridge, a water dispenser, coffee maker and lighting.

The solar panels were installed by Mexican engineers from a Mexican company based in Tijuana. As the solar industry continues to expand in Mexico, it attracts investment, research, and innovation, fostering technological advancements in renewable energy. The office’s adoption of solar panels contributes to the growth of a sustainable and resilient economy in Puerto Escondido, positioning it as a leader in clean energy practices.

Harnessing solar energy whenever possible promotes a cleaner, sustainable, and economically beneficial future. Bayside is committed to continuing to invest in and use solar power.

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