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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

BAY SIDE ENTERPRISES S.A DE C.V.; In terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, the privacy notice referred to in that Law is provided, which is also viewable in our office located at Blvd. Benito Juarez, Local Comercial 6, Manzana 3, Lote 1, Col. Santa Cruz Huatulco, Sector L, Santa Maria Huatulco. Oaxaca. 70989; or else it can be consulted at any time on the website

Therefore, you consent to your personal, financial and sensitive data, in the case that the latter are collected, being handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.

BAY SIDE ENTERPRISES S.A DE C.V is a company that promotes non-discrimination and non-tolerance of discriminatory acts, so, as part of the quality professional service it provides, the company presents the following non-discrimination policy.


For the purposes of the following policy, it shall be understood as:

● Client: Any type of person seeking to obtain the professional services of the company.
● Discrimination: For the purposes of this policy, discrimination shall be understood as any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference which, by action or omission, with or without intent, is not objective, rational or proportionate and has as its object or result in hindering, restricting, preventing, impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of human rights and freedoms, where based on one or more of the following grounds: ethnic or national origin, skin color, culture, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, age, disability, social, economic, health or legal status, religion, physical appearance, genetic characteristics, migration status, pregnancy, language, opinions, sexual orientations, political identity or affiliation, marital status, family status, family responsibilities, language, criminal record or any other reason; discrimination shall also be understood as homophobia, misogyny, any manifestation of xenophobia, racial segregation, anti-Semitism, as well as racial discrimination and other related intolerance.
● Equity: Ethical principle of justice related to the idea of social equality and the recognition and appreciation of social differences and individuality, reaching a balance between both dimensions.


● It is the responsibility of BAYSIDE to guarantee the provision of services to “THE CLIENT”, free of any type of discrimination.
● BAYSIDE undertakes not to establish preference with respect to “THE CLIENT”, such as customer selection, consumption conditions, reservation of the right of admission, exclusion of people with disabilities or similar practices, unless there are causes that affect the safety and tranquility of the company or customers.
● BAYSIDE will not apply charges higher than those authorized or registered for customers in general.
● BAYSIDE undertakes to establish a control mechanism, which verifies the full quality service to all people who request its services.
● BAYSIDE through the Non-Discrimination Committee, it undertakes to carry out periodic reviews, to follow up on those established in this policy.

3. Of the complaint

● Anyone can report an inequitable or discriminatory situation regardless of the hierarchical level or area to which the service provider belongs.
● Complaints must be made on the basis of a certain fact or a detailed substantiated suspicion.
● For the purposes of making a report, you can do so through the numbers established in this policy or the corresponding email.

4. Support channels

“THE CLIENT”, who seeks to file a complaint for any violation of said policy, may do so through:

● Telephone number:+ 52 958.587.4543
● Email:

Legal bases


Charter of rights of the consumer of an immovable property.

The following are the consumer rights that BAY SIDE ENTERPRISES S.A. de C.V., undertakes to continue in all commercial transactions of sale of house room in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Consumer Protection (LFPC) and the Official Mexican Law NOM-247-SE-2021, “Commercial practices–Requirements of commercial information and advertising of real estate destined to house room and minimum elements that must contain the related contracts”, (NOM) which enters into force on September 18, 2022.

It is recognized that consumers have the following rights:

1. Receive, respect to the properties offered, truthful, clear and updated information and advertising, regardless of the means by which it is communicated, including digital means, in such a way that it allows the consumer to make the best purchase decision knowing in a truthful way the characteristics of the property he is acquiring, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
2. Know the information about the characteristics of the property, among these: the extension of the land, constructed area, type of structure, facilities, finishes, accessories, parking place, areas of common use, services that it has and general physical condition of the property.
3. Freely choose the property that best meets your needs and fits your purchasing power.
4. Not to make any payment until the contractual relationship is recorded in writing, except those referring to advances and operating expenses, in the terms provided by the LFPC.
5. Sign an adhesion contract under the model registered with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office, which contains the terms and conditions of the sale of the real estate. After signing, the supplier is obliged to deliver a copy of the signed contract to the consumer.
6. Acquire a property that has the safety and quality characteristics that are contained in the applicable regulations and reflected in the information and advertising it has received.
7. Receive the real estate within the term and conditions agreed with the supplier in the respective adhesion contract.
8. Where appropriate, exercise the guarantees on real estate provided for in the LFPC, considering the specifications provided for in the respective adhesion contract.
9. Receive the corresponding bonus or compensation in terms of the LFPC, in case once the guarantee is exercised, defects or failures persist in the property. Likewise, to carry out the necessary repairs in case of defects or failures attributable to the supplier, or opt for the replacement of the property or termination of the contract when appropriate.
10. Have free and accessible channels and mechanisms for consultations, requests, complaints and suggestions to the provider, and know the address indicated by the provider to hear and receive notifications.
11. Right to protection by the competent authorities and in accordance with applicable laws, including the right to file complaints and claims with them.
12. Have at your disposal a Privacy Notice to know the treatment that will be given to the personal data you provide and consent to it, if applicable; that your personal data are treated in accordance with the applicable regulations and, know the mechanisms available to exercise your Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition.
13. Receive treatment free of discrimination, without being able to deny or condition the attention or sale of a home for reasons of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious or any other particularity in the terms of the applicable legislation.
14. Freely choose the notary public to carry out the deed process.

This document constitutes the most updated version of the General Terms and Conditions, they are mandatory for all Users who visit the Platform and/or use any of the Services. The User expressly and unequivocally declares that they have read, that they understand and that they accept all of the cases provided for and regulated in this document of General Terms and Conditions of use of the Platform, for which they are obliged in accordance with them. Bay Side Enterprises may modify these General Terms and Conditions, or any additional terms that apply to any specific Service. Bay Side Enterprises will make available, when possible, a notice of the modifications of the terms on this web page. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions will not be applied retroactively, and will take effect once published.

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