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Brent May

Brent was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada and from the day he purchased his very first property, at only 20 years old, building and real estate became a passion for Brent. Brent and his wife Erin were avid Mexico travelers. They loved the culture, people, weather and quick flight from Canada.

After making a trip to Huatulco in 2009, they knew they found the place they wanted to make their new home. They decided to invest in Mexico and jumped at the opportunity to combine their passion for real estate with their love for Mexico. Brent enjoys many outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, surfing and stand up paddleboarding. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as spending time on Huatulco’s beautiful beaches. Today Brent is the Owner and Operator of Bayside Real Estate, where he has been nicknamed ‘The DreamCatcher’, helping people make paradise their home! Let Brent help you find your dream home today.


Erin May

Erin was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. She and her husband Brent moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2001 where she worked in Management and Human Resources for EPCOR Energy.

Erin wears a lot of hats within the Bayside company. She is a fellow sales associate for Bayside Real Estate, oversees the general operation of the Bayside Vacation Rental division and manages our company websites. In her spare time, Erin loves to travel, spend time outdoors and loves everything about Mexico. She enjoys going to the beach, hiking, stand up paddleboarding and is learning to play the guitar and evolve from a wake surfer to the ocean surfer.


Fabiola Limón

Fabiola played the role of Bayside’s Sales Director for 5 years, based in Huatulco, Oaxaca. Now she is joining us in Bayside Mazatlán in her new role as a Sales Agent.

She was born and raised in Mexico City, however since her mother is from Huatulco she feels Huatulco is part of her roots and Huatulco will always have a very special place in her heart. Faby studied Finance and Accounting in Puebla and worked for multinational companies. She lived in Sydney, Australia while she was studying for a Diploma in Business Administration. Fabiola is also certified by AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionalism) for the Real Estate Business in Mexico.

She enjoys traveling the world and in her spare time, Fabiola loves to play sports and spend time on the beach. Fabiola understands how important it is to have someone boots on the ground and available to get all your questions answered. It would be a great honor and her pleasure to assist and serve you in your journey of finding your piece of paradise in the Mazatlán region of Mexico!


Hector Cisneros

Hector was born and raised in Mexico City and studied publishing design and arts in San Luis Potosi and have gained an expansive knowledge of Mexico and developed excellent customer service while working in the travel industry for 25 years in destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and finally Huatulco.

Hector arrived to Huatulco as many other residents “as an accident”, but as soon as he landed at the Huatulco airport in September 2000 he knew this was his Home. While in Huatulco Hector used his customer service skills to land him a sales job with Camino Real and Quinta Real where he gained valuable experience selling villas. As Hector gained experience he became sales director of successful and market leading projects such as Montecito Beach Village and The Cosmo Residences. Today when not spending time enjoying the outdoors with his family, Hector is ready to use his area knowledge, listen to a buyer’s needs and find the perfect property for their lifestyle and budget. Let Hector help you find your dream home today.


Leah Guzmán

Leah was born in Toronto, Canada and set foot in Mexico for the first time when she was 2 years old. With a Mexican father and a Canadian mother she was immersed in both cultures and languages from a very early age. Over the years she has had the opportunity to travel and work throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and South America and is now happily settled in Huatulco.

Huatulco first came on Leah’s radar in 2008 when visiting her sister. Then as a visitor, and now as a full time resident and investor, she continues to be surprised by everything that this beautiful destination has to offer. Immediately seeing the potential in Huatulco, she founded ‘Aventura Mundo‘ one of Huatulco’s top rated eco-tourism companies. Over the years she has also formed an integral part of sales and marketing in some of Huatulco’s premiere oceanfront developments; Celeste Beach Residences and Cosmo Residences.

Her experience and hard work ethic have allowed her to become an expert in all things real estate in the Huatulco area market. Leah’s attention to customer service, excellent listening skills and integrity ensure that her clients succeed in finding the property that fits the Mexico Life that they’ve always dreamed of. Get to know Leah by having a look at her Meet the Team video: Click Here.


Lindsay Harder

Lindsay began selling real estate in Alberta in 1987. Coming from a construction background, Lindsay felt a transition into real estate to be inviting. Knowing the building trade invited new opportunities to offer developers, builders, existing home owners to purchase, sell & market condos, mobiles, recreational property and acreage dwellings.

Lindsay’s standing Motto “Try Harder” fits his surname well. Lindsay and his wife Lenore had been looking at other destinations in Mexico mostly for an investment opportunity and future winter paradise. Upon attending an Edmonton trade show, they heard about Huatulco… and the rest is history! Nearly 30 years later they are enjoying Huatulco in the winter months. Lindsay and Lenore can often be seen volunteering with many different charity events around Huatulco including hosting the annual Food Bank Catamaran fundraiser, local dog rescue program, local library Rotary projects and children’s Santa toy run. Let Lindsay help you find your dream home today.


Mike Leon

Mike was born in Mexico City, but moved to Canada at the age of two. He was raised in Toronto, Canada however, even as a child, he knew his heart was in Mexico.

Mike worked as teacher within the Toronto area, with a focus on physical education and special education for 18 years. The commute to work everyday left little time with the family. That, paired with the high cost of living and the cold winters finally got to him. It wasn’t the life he had always been dreaming of. In fact, it was the opposite. However, it wasn’t until an invitation in 2016 to spend Christmas in Huatulco with his family from Mexico, that he knew he had come home.

That summer, Mike and his family decided it was time to further explore their Mexican heritage. Chasing that dream, and a much warmer way of life, they loaded the truck with anything that could fit, including two young children, their two furry dogs and set course for Huatulco.

It has been over two years and Mike never tires of exploring his new home, learning about the history and enjoying the natural beauty Huatulco has to offer. Always involved in athletics and a healthy active lifestyle, Huatulco lends itself to the lifestyle he and his family were seeking. The fresh food, sunshine, and ability to enjoy an outdoor, active life, year round, was the paradise he was looking for to call home. You will often see Mike running, riding his bike or walking all around town often, with his dogs or children close behind.

An avid traveler, Mike still loves to explore all around the world, but he is blessed to know that when he comes home, it is Huatulco. Mike is the newest agent to our sales team and he will be glad to assist you in finding your pretty piece in Mexico.


Kevin Knochel

Kevin Knochel was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and studied the Spanish language and Translation with a minor in Anthropology. He travelled extensively throughout Mexico and grew to love the culture of this beautiful country. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington, he moved to Galicia Spain where he taught English at a high school. He also developed great customer service skills working in Texas as a bartender and liquor promoter at the DFW airport.

Kevin met his wife through a good friend that he made in Spain that led him back to Mexico. After a long-distance relationship with his current wife, he decided to make the big move to Puerto Escondido. When he first arrived on the Oaxaca Coast, he began as a Spanish teacher and managing family owned hotels. He eventually got involved in the family real estate business back in 2016 where he rapidly developed a love for real estate. Kevin has now been with Bayside Puerto Escondido for a year and has been a great asset in expanding Bayside’s horizons along the coast. Having that Kevin has travelled extensively throughout the globe, he is an expert in understanding the needs of clients from all over the world and will most definitely guide you along the way in finding your dream property in our little paradise we call home!


Victoria Merino

Victoria was born and raised in Mexico City. As an architect she has plenty of experience in property assessment. Dedicating most of her life to interior design, she later was certified as a Home Stager where she gained knowledge in the real estate market.

In 2020 Victoria and her family arrived in Puerto Escondido to enjoy the sun, sand and laid back beach life Puerto Escondido has to offer. The calmness compared to the busy city life was one of the main reasons she knew a better lifestyle was meant for her kids. Within 2 months of being back in the city she knew her new and forever home was in Puerto Escondido.

With her professional skills in architecture and interior design she can help you assess the best property as your dream home on the beautiful coast of Oaxaca.


Layne Ulmer

Mr. Ulmer says his philosophy is to assist people in getting to know what quality of life in Huatulco is all about first, then introducing them to potential properties. He feels that knowing the area and all it has to offer – amazing beaches, world-class infrastructure, safety, cleanliness, a huge range of activities, slow food, market-fresh restaurants, easy access to nature, a luxury beach lifestyle – gets people excited about living in Huatulco. After that, he says, people just have to decide how they want to live their life from a luxury oceanfront villa to a comfortable ocean view condo.

Layne feels it is a privilege to work on the Oaxaca Coast. He loves everything the lifestyle offers him and his family. He says it’s enjoyable to work with people who are looking at buying homes in Huatulco. His warm and friendly approach and candid advice create his authentic approach to excellent customer service. He is building relationships with clients and more importantly, maintaining those relationships by communicating effectively.

Layne is dedicated to serving the needs of real estate buyers in Huatulco. Whether you’re looking for luxury real estate in Huatulco or a home along the coast, Layne looks forward to introducing you to the communities and lifestyle of the best areas along the Oaxaca Coast.


Mario Devcic

Mario was born in Croatia and moved to Canada after playing semi-pro soccer in Croatia, Italy, England and Spain. In Calgary, Mario worked as a dedicated real estate agent with Remax and continued his path with integrated real estate companies in home building, land and commercial developments and managing sales teams and land acquisitions.

Mario continued his professional growth by founding his own home construction company building several homes in the Calgary area before moving to Mexico with his family.

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mario Devcic brings unmatched understanding of one of Mexico’s hottest real estate markets to Bayside. Known for his expertise and down-to-earth style, Mario prides himself on showing people that their Mexican dream can become reality.

Mario is dedicated to serving the needs of real estate buyers in Huatulco. Whether you’re looking for a family home, luxury real estate, or an investment property, Mario looks forward to introducing you to the community and lifestyle of Huatulco’s exceptional neighborhoods.


Bryan Paschke

Mr. Paschke provides experienced assistance to his clients in their home-buying process. Bryan’s background in engineering, lending and mortgage brokerage, provided him a valuable skill set when he made the move to the real estate industry. His charisma and drive for the success of his clients has earned him several awards and the distinction of consistently being one of the top producers in the largest real estate office in Minnesota.

Bryan says he was drawn to Huatulco for the same reasons his clients are – the beauty of the area, the pristine ocean, outdoor sports opportunities, high quality of life, small town feel and friendly atmosphere. He thrives on the outdoors dynamic of Huatulco and enjoys a fitness driven lifestyle.

Bryan prioritizes educating his clients so that they are driving the process and can make empowered decisions. His industry knowledge and professional experience paired with his laid-back style, have allowed him to be a trusted resource for his clientele.

Let Bryan help you find your dream home!


Janessa Wugalter

Janessa Wugalter works as Bayside’s Marketing Director.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Canada  Janessa was always in search for the playa and escaping the cold. Right out of high school, she decided to leave her winter coat behind and move to Vancouver to pursue her dance career.

In 2012 she had the perfect job opportunity awaiting her in the beautiful bays of Huatulco. Without knowing much about this hidden gem, she packed her bags and made the big change. Janessa continued her dance career through the large hotel chain AM Resorts in Huatulco. After 6 years of lighting the stage with her presence, she decided she needed a change. Still admiring the hotel industry, Janessa relocated to sales and marketing. She obtained knowledge in marketing in hotel social networks and customer service.

As one of the youngest expats in Huatulco you can say she is truly living her life to the fullest. In her spare time, Janessa loves to teach dance classes, relax on the beach and soak up the sun!


Karla Mendez

Karla was born in Mexico City at the age of 10 she moved to Puebla and finished school and later studied business administration.

When she was a child, she had the opportunity to travel with her family to most of the beaches around Mexico, she has been always a beach lover and decided to live in the beach one day.

At the age of 23, she has the chance to move to Huatulco, without a doubt she moved even though she had never been there before. As soon as she stepped off plane, she had the feeling that Huatulco was going to be the place for her.

Karla started working at hotel and tourism area over 4 years ago and she quickly discovered that she excelled in the area of customer service. She has a special way to contact people, make them smile and enjoy their stay making it an unforgettable experience.

It was that customer service that brought her and Brent together. Karla was recognized by Brent’s cousin, who is a realtor in Canada and staying at the hotel Karla worked at. After a tip and recommendation to Karla, Brent wasted no time introducing himself to Karla and it was not too much longer she found a position with the Bayside Real Estate Huatulco team.

She loves animals, exercising, reading books and chilling at the beach while enjoying the sun and getting a good tan.


Sonia Horiuchi

Sonia Horiuchi works as the Bayside’s Sales Administrator.

Sonia was born and raised in México City. She and her husband always dreamed of living close to the waters, palm trees and slower pace of life from the big City. The opportunity arrived 26 years ago when she arrived in Huatulco without knowing much about this charming beach community. As soon as she landed she fell in love with the place knowing that it would be her forever home. Sonia never gets tired of enjoying the beaches and beautiful surrounding areas of Huatulco. The authentic town gives her a safe, tranquil and better lifestyle that she would’ve never found anywhere else.

Sonia is happy to say Huatulco was the best decision her and her husband ever made to start their family and have her kids born and raised in the beautiful Bays of Huatulco.

Over the years she has been an integral part of management & sales in several beachfront developments such as Celeste Beach Residences & Spa and Cosmo Residences. Sonia joined Bayside 2 years ago in the Property Management Department and later transitioned to the Sales Department. Due to her experience in administration, she was promoted to the position of Sales Administrator with great commitment and dedication.

The agents, sales team and entire Bayside Real Estate family are happy to have her on our team!


Jonathan Ferioli

Jonathan Ferioli was born and raised in Puerto Escondido to an Italian mother, he was fortunate to grow up spending many summers exploring the food and culture scene in Bologna, Italy. Then getting to come back and spend the rest of the year right here on Oaxaca’s Coast, developing an appreciation for food, travelling and exploring different cultures from a young age. Mix that with a love for surfing, sunshine and beach days, he is so grateful that he gets to call this little corner of the world my home.

Prior to entering real estate, he surfed at a high level all over Mexico with a few trips around the world, took multiple certifications as a lifeguard and first responder, and for a few years dedicated his life to teaching people the art of surfing. These experiences instilled in him the discipline, the dedication and the determination it takes to succeed in the real estate industry.

As a Puerto Escondido native and a passionate real estate professional, he recognizes and values the trust his clients place in him, and he strives every day to exceed their expectations. Having grown up in Puerto, he understands the intangible benefits of life on Oaxaca’s Coast, with its unmatched weather, culture and diversity. Combining exceptional customer service with an authentic knowledge of all the city’s ins and outs, he can happily assist you with all of your residential real estate endeavours and help you fulfill your needs the best.

Outside of real estate, he takes pride in giving back to the community and serve as an active member of Oaxaca’s Surfing Association, which takes care of the Coast through different projects and environmental activities, and helps young surfers become successful athletes.


Nate Cook

With a business education background, Nathan has a unique ability to connect with and understand the needs of people searching for their dream home. His professional background also provides him with the skills necessary to effectively communicate and guide his clients through the home buying process.

His passion for helping others and love for Yucatan state make him a valuable asset to Bayside Real Estate. Nathan has always aspired to live in Mexico full-time. He loves the values a more laid-back, beach lifestyle provides. He loves being social and appreciates the general ambiance of people being together outdoors enjoying life.

Nathan is excited about being in the Yucatan. He says it is a unique location because on the one hand, you have the beautiful colonial city of Merida with 1.4 million people, its culture, cuisine and world-class services and by contrast, you can enjoy a small beach town, quality lifestyle a short distance away.


Ailén Juarros

Ailén Juarros was born and raised in Bahías de Huatulco, Mexico. Her parents, both Argentines, traveled until they found the paradise of Huatulco 28 years ago, fell in love with its beauty and realized that it was the best place to start a family, surrounded by nature and beaches.

From a very young age, Ailén has been interested in the area of communication and marketing, which led her to move from Huatulco to the city of Puebla when she graduated from high school early at age of 17. Ailén pursued a university degree in Communication in Puebla and one semester abroad in Spain.

Ailén has been an intern in Bayside since summer 2018, and now works full-time as a Marketing Executive.

Because Ailén was born and raised in Huatulco, she has extensive knowledge of the area and its people. Her love for this paradise guided her to Bayside Real Estate, where she found the perfect fusion between her passion for communication and the affection she has for Huatulco. Ailén met Brent though family and when she interviewed for a summer position, she pitched Brent on how he could improve an area of his business, so she made an impression for sure.

When she is not studying or working Ailén loves reading, spending time with her friends and enjoying some time at the beach.


Evelyn Gallardo

Evelyn was born and raised in Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca. She feels fortunate to have grown up within an authentic Mexican family with her mom being a Huatulco native and her dad, a chilango who chose Huatulco as his home in the pursuit of the beach life dream.

This Huatulqueña has been able to experience Huatulco’s development firsthand. She’s seen her quiet small-town welcome more nationals and foreigners over the years while still maintaining that homey, family friendly, safe feel.

Evelyn graduated with a degree in psychology and during her last year of college, she started working independently as a personal assistant for our sales agent, Mike Leon. After the success of their partnership, Bayside was excited to have Eveyln officially join the team as a Sales Assistant. Although she continues to work alongside Mike and assists his clients to fulfill their dreams of ownership in Huatulco, you can find Evelyn at our sales office welcoming you with a warm smile.

In her spare time, Evelyn enjoys relaxing on the beach with friends, listening to music and going to CrossFit.


Bianca Corona

Bianca Corona was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and spent over 20 years living in the US but feels fortunate enough to call Huatulco her second home. While she believes she is far from considering herself a Huatulco native, she has had the amazing opportunity to have grown up visiting Huatulco since she was born, and Huatulco has held its place in her heart for as long as she can remember. Her parents met in Huatulco, fell in love with paradise, and never looked back. Now, she’s following in their footsteps.

Bianca studied at the University of San Diego, California, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in May of 2021. Since then, she began living full-time as a Sales Assistant in paradise and could not be happier! Her days are full of sun, adventures with friends, and lots of four-legged friends. Bianca is a big animal lover so in her free time, you will always find her at the beach with her dogs. She feels so blessed to be also able to be surrounded by the most amazing people and friends who she says have made her life here a one-of-a-kind experience.

She is very passionate about traveling and venturing out into the world to live new experiences! Bianca aspires to one day travel throughout the world. Until then, if you need her, you can find her under the palm trees or in the Bayside sales office.


Zaira Pérez

Born and raised in the beautiful Bays of Huatulco! Zaira story started when her parents met on a family beach vacation in Oaxaca. Both families fell in love with Huatulco and decided to make it their forever home. Zaira has been able to watch her charming town develop into the popular beach destination it is. Although the change has occurred, she is happy to see Huatulco has kept its authentic touch.

After high school, Zaira left her flip-flops behind and moved to Guanajuato to study Marketing at the University of Guanajuato. After finishing her degree in 2021, she returned to sunny Huatulco. She soon began working with different social media companies and continued to evolve in her field which later led her to join Bayside Real Estate as a Marketing Assistant. Zaira’s main focus in the company is Bayside Puerto Escondido & Bayside Mazatlán.

In Zaira’s spare time she loves to travel, spend her days at the beach or enjoy the company of her family and friends.

We are so happy to welcome her to the team and can’t wait to see her evolve in the company!


Graciela Tirado

Graciela was born and raised in beautiful and sunny Huatulco. Her parents, came to Huatulco for a 3 month trip, but as happens to many, they fell in love with this paradise and decided to make it their forever home. Graciela discovered her passion for reading, writing, and public speaking when she was in High school which led her to compete and win in-state Oratory competitions for 3 consecutive years. After graduating university Graciela made use of her exceptional communication and written skills to begin a career as a contracts specialist.

In her spare time Graciela enjoys listening to music, traveling, learning new things like snowboarding in Canada or wine tasting in California. She also loves swimming at her favorite beach Riscalillo and spending time with her two kittens. Currently she is re-engaging her love for long distance running and has begun to train with some friends.

We are so happy to welcome her to the team and can’t wait to see her evolve in the company!


Max Scheremberg

Max was born in Oaxaca City and was shortly brought to Huatulco, where he was raised. He comes from a family of coffee growers that owns Finca La Gloria, situated in the mountains surrounding the Bays of Huatulco. Max has a lot of knowledge about the Huatulco area and its surroundings.

He was educated in Huatulco schools until high school, after which he moved away for four years to Puebla City to study foreign languages. Max graduated and became a teacher proficient in three different languages: Spanish, English, and German. He gained experience teaching Bangladeshi students and discovered his passion for education.

Upon returning to Huatulco, Max started working at Bayside Real Estate, where he has been learning a lot from the experts within the Bayside Real Estate team.


Darlyssa Chretien

Darlyssa grew up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada to a Canadian father and a Mexican mother. She was immersed in both cultures and both languages from a very early age. Darlyssa furthered her love for languages and learning, by spending 13 years of school in a French Immersion program; making her trilingual (with the plans of learning more languages in the future).

All throughout her life Darlyssa has been a high achiever in school, sports, music, and in all her other passions. She grew up playing soccer and competing in long- distance running, and now she is very passionate and devoted to the gym and weight-lifting. Upon graduating Darlyssa received various scholarships from her highschool as well as a full ride scholarship to York University in Toronto, Canada. She attended the “International Relations & Business Administration Dual Degree” program for 1 year before the Covid lockdowns disrupted her plans to continue. Although her plans with university were to study 2 years in Toronto and 2 years at a prestigious business school in France, Darlyssa decided to take a different path which is how she ended up accidentally falling in love and moving to Huatulco while on a 3 month solo trip visiting the state of Oaxaca for the first time.

Darlyssa, having a love for people and desire for business and entrepreneurship, has always had an interest in pursuing Real Estate sales and investments. She is following a similar path to her family’s footsteps as sales oriented entrepreneurs. Now 1 year into living in this beautiful paradise, Darlyssa can confirm she has found the place where she belongs. She loves the Huatulco beach lifestyle and feels blessed to be part of the amazing Bayside team.


Natalia Tanori

Natalia, originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, first ventured to Puerto Escondido five years ago when her brother extended an invitation to come and live there following their father’s passing. The opportunity provided a much-needed change of scenery for Natalia and her family. Although captivated by the serenity, lifestyle, and breathtaking beaches of the coastal town, Natalia didn’t initially settle in Puerto for more than a few months. She went back and forth between Puerto and Sonora several times. It wasn’t until one year ago that she finally made the leap and decided to officially move here.

Currently on a sabbatical year, Natalia’s eyeing a future in communication sciences. When she’s not dreaming of her next adventure, you’ll find her soaking up quality time with friends and family, breaking a sweat, catching up on the latest movies and series, or jotting down her thoughts.

With a passion for exploration burning brightly within her, Natalia dreams of traversing the globe to gain new insights into life’s wonders.

Natalia is really happy to have joined Bayside and is loving getting to learn the ropes of this dynamic industry. In Puerto Escondido, Natalia has not just found a place to live, but a haven where her spirit thrives.


Norma López

Norma is our Office Administrator and backbone of the office. She is the smiling face our clients see when they enter the office.

Norma was born in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato and moved to Raleigh North Carolina at age 5. She studied and Graduated high school there and moved back to Mexico with her husband in 2010.

She started working on receiving her Accounting certificate right before she started working for Bayside in 2015.  She worked extremely hard to obtain it and is now happy to say she is a certified accountant and administrator. Even though she feels like she has accomplished her dream she is willing to learn more and become better and better each day.  

Norma has 2 beautiful kids and in her spare time loves spending time with her family. She loves going to the beach, traveling to new places in Mexico and tasting the different and delicious types of foods they have to offer.


Tamara Aguilar

Tamara is our Director of Operations for Bayside Property Management.

Tamara was born in Mexico City and lived there until she was 7. Her family made the move to Toluca, where she went to high school, college and studied Industrial Design. 

She has worked as extra in movies & television sets and  has been a medical equipment designer, graphic designer and camp monitor. After acouple of years she decided that the big city was not her thing, so at the age of 28 decided that she wanted to live the hippie dream. While volunteering at a beach hostel in Puerto Escondido she did a day drip to Huatulco with her boyfriend and fell in love! They both decided Huatulco was their new home. 

Tamara is a beach and music lover so that is where she spends most of her spare time. At the beach with her pup while listening to music. She also puts her creative mind to work as a freelance graphic designer.


Mari Carmen

Mari Carmen works as a Reservations Manager in our rental team.

She was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. She visited Huatulco when she was younger and knew since then this is where she wanted to live. She loved the fact that Huatulco was the only sustainable touristic destination in Mexico that was certified with Earthcheck and many awards. Mari Carmen always reminded herself it was where she would return one day.

She studied International Touristic Management and always knew she was going to live in a beach destination. After working in a Private Aviation she decided to leave everything behind and go after her dreams of living the beach life. She loves the culture, gastronomy and heritage of her country and wants other people to experience that. Mari Carmen will be glad to make your next stay in paradise unforgettable! 


Andrea Titzer

Andrea was born and raised in Indiana. She moved to France to pursue a M.S. in Tourism Development and has worked in France, the U.S. and Mexico as a tourism planning consultant & communication specialist. She originally came to Mexico in 2010 to learn Spanish and ended up staying. She loves the quality of life and time her Mexican life has afforded her for being present for her daughter’s childhood.

Andrea manages the blog for Own Mexico and enjoys assisting people in their decision-making process of moving to Mexico. She is the Principal at Pacifico Consulting. She is also an Experienced Yoga Teacher with over 10,000 teaching hours. She loves hiking, traveling and ocean swimming.

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