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Rated the Best Small City in the World in 2019, Merida is the capital and cultural heart of Yucatan. Located on the northern side of the Yucatan peninsula, the endearing state of Yucatan is nestled between the state of Quintana Roo to the east (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen) and Campeche to the west, along the Gulf of Mexico to the north. It is the safest city of Mexico with about 1 million inhabitants. It was built on the Mayan city T’ho. Several small towns and villages surround the city These communities have easy access to Merida and the beaches with good streets and public transportation.

Merida and the smaller beach communities are popular choices among expats because of the cultural offerings, incredible food scene, vibrant markets, outdoor events, cafe-lined streets and easy transportation infrastructure.

Discovering Yucatan’s beaches and a world of culture all in one day.

Merida neighbors an authentic sunny beach culture with long, quiet stretches of sand, ancient Mayan ruins, cool, blue cenotes, wild flamingo reserves, old haciendas, and characteristic Mayan towns around the inland area. The preservation of the state of Yucatan is intimately interwoven with the Maya, their customs and languages. They are the material that binds the Yucatan.

The state of Yucatan offers incredible value: pesos go further here than in other Riviera Maya destinations. Many expats from Canada, the U.S. and Europe are attracted by the low cost of living, affordable housing and luxury lifestyle.

The transition process is facilitated here because of the conveniences of Merida: world-class affordable health care, innovative infrastructures including freeways and highways, easy to access to beaches, high-speed internet from several providers, a modern international airport, great shopping from small markets to boutique shops to big box stores and cheap public transportation.

The average high temperature in January is just above 30C (87 F) and the average low for that time of year is 17C (63 F). With a tropical climate, there are nothing but sunny blue skies from November through May. June through October can see some rain.

Community Matters

Merida attracts people from all cultures and all countries, making it area. The city and its neighboring towns perpetuate a sense of community, a feeling of belonging and a place where participation is welcome. People gather and talk with each other at the many free cultural events. With a vibrant expat community, the state of Yucatan and the city of Merida have many organizations to participate in, (Rotary, Lyons, Red Cross, English Library, Alliance française, etc.) and local groups focused on conservation, literacy, sustainability, culture, etc. If you want to be social, if you want to participate, it’s all here.

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