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Press Release | Oxean Puerto Escondido

Posted by Ailen on April 2, 2022

In response to concerns over Oxean Development Bayside Real Estate has issued the following statement.

Bayside is not a developer, we do not do construction of any kind. Our role as a real estate agency is to act as an intermediary between buyers and developers, sharing information about our clients’ projects.

As you may know, Oxean development in Puerto Escondido has been subject to criticism from some sectors of the community.  Our labor is and has been to maintain clear and real communication with Oxean, sharing our suggestions and concerns.

The Bayside family is made up of wonderful national Mexicans and Expats. We love our jobs, and we are dedicated to our Oaxaca Coast community. Our purpose is to serve and assist our local community. We focus on best ethical practices with strict adherence to environmental law on each and every project and listing we offer though our network. We perform a precise Due Diligence process, reviewing all environmental permits and authorizations.

Our Director and Founder is a conscious person, with resolute commitment to protect the natural environment. Consistent with this, our local office in Puerto Escondido is run with 100% solar energy and is currently working on a plan to facilitate dialogue between all Puerto Escondido community sectors.

Bayside is committed to a sustainable and inclusive community with high social consciousness. Thank you for your feedback. We have passed your concerns to the developer. You are welcome to meet us!

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