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Press Release – Bayside Real Estate

Posted by Ailen on April 1, 2022

Bayside Real Estate, Representing the Oaxaca Coast

Bayside is a full-service real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide including in Mexico in a broad spectrum of services including residential and commercial sales and vacation rentals.

Since its inception in 2011, Bayside has been registered in Mexico and has redefined the business of real estate on the Oaxaca Coast. Fully cooperating with public agencies and educating potential buyers by fostering a culture of partnership and dialogue in a collaborative environment, Bayside represents buyers. It is not a development company. Transforming the traditional model of how real estate is practiced, our agents share their knowledge and expertise, ensuring our clients truly understand the sales process and rights and responsibilities of owning property in Mexico.

Bayside offers buyers full disclosure buyer representation and seller representation as well. A thorough due diligence process is carried out before working with any listing or development project. Bayside studies land, titles, environmental impact studies, environmental permits, construction permits and the business people they are representing to ensure legal certitude and a successful transaction.

Bayside is rooted in Oaxaca and works everyday with Oaxacan and Mexican firms. They are committed to not only bringing investment from abroad but also working synergistically with Mexican investors and companies.

A small family business committed with the community

Bayside is a small family business built on a caring company culture employing Mexicans and double nationality people who enjoy and are proud of the work they do. Bayside’s staff work hard, respect each other and have a lot of fun doing it.

Bayside has built an incredible network of agents. The agency is a link that aims to educate people about the reality of living in Mexico and achieving their dreams of owning a piece of property in the country.

The firm also works to educate and advise developers on how to respect local laws and follow environmental impact studies, aligned with local authorities and permits. They are not apt to control what the development companies do because that is the responsibility of the corresponding authority but in their due diligence process, if a project is not in compliance, they do not pursue a partnership.

They are advocates of negotiation. If there is an issue with a project, they are open to discussion, especially about aligning missions, values and sustainability goals of a community when they have been widely defined.

Sustainability activism

Brent May, Owner and Operator of Bayside Real Estate, holds the title of Director of International Communication at AMPI Costa-Istmo Oaxaca which is a network of real estate and industry related professionals focused on improving regulations and improving and maintaining infrastructure on the Oaxaca Coast (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios). Recognizing local infrastructure needs improvement and that it takes tax money to build, Brent invites anyone interested in being part of a sustainable development solution to like the AMPI page. He is currently working on a plan to help bring the public and private sectors together with common objectives in Puerto Escondido.

Bayside cares for the environment and finding solutions for sustainability is core to their values. They work with sustainable developers and do their part as well. The Puerto Escondido office is run on 100% solar power. The team participates in beach clean ups and practices minimizing plastic use.

Giving back to community

Bayside loves its communities and supports initiatives to give back in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. Brent and Erin May live in Huatulco and their staff are also active members of their communities. In their short time in Puerto Escondido, they have worked with Jose and Roxel and supported the Surf Groms kids surfing program, fun events like Blues on the Beach as well as multiple years with the man, the Bayside Charger, Roger Ramirez Jr. They also support the Festival del Puerto 7a Edición. They show up for local communities along the coast; they raised $27,000 CAD to rebuild the community center and libraries in Juchitan affected by the earthquake in 2017.

After years of offering a scholarship in Huatulco, Bayside is excited to offer a scholarship for secondary education in Puerto Escondido. In Huatulco, Bayside’s community work is more involved and based around promoting sports to youth through many programs and annual events, education and helping some existing programs that are doing amazing things. Mexicans and foreigners work together in these programs to make a difference together.

Bayside’s educational approach

Bayside Real Estate extends far beyond what a conventional firm offers. Own Mexico is an educational and lifestyle website that helps foreigners explore the possibility of living in Mexico. It is intended to help people see beyond the negative images of mass media.
Brent and Erin May love Mexico, the people and the culture and share their lives openly to help change the perception that Mexico is an unsafe place to live. The website has over 500 blogs as well as a How To Live In Mexico Guide. All the information is complimentary.

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