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Navigating Real Estate with a Smile: Meet Karla Mendez

Posted by Ailen on September 9, 2023

Blending Executive Assistant Skillset with Real Estate Know How!

When the opportunity came to become a sales associate, Karla seized it! Karla has worked as Brent May’s executive assistant for over 4 and 1/2 years. Her real estate business knowledge coupled with her undergraduate degree in business administration has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in educating buyers, real estate negotiations and effectively supporting the marketing of Bayside’s listings.

Working with Karla is simple

Living in Huatulco for over 10 years, Karla loves making meaningful connections. Her love of socializing and enjoying the beach lifestyle has propelled her into a career she thrives in. Her friendly personality, dedication and work ethic is felt by her colleagues and clients through her professionalism and willingness to get any job done.

Communicative. Empathetic. Enthusiastic.

Karla’s passion for real estate is apparent through her excellent communication skills and her warm and friendly approach. Karla began her career working in the tourism industry where she honed her customer service skills. Karla says,

Thanks to my customer service experience, I prioritize listening to my clients, really understanding their needs. I’m an empathetic person and I understand that buying a home in a foreign country can be an intimidating process. And that’s what I’m here for. To transmit knowledge and confidence, assisting people at exactly the right moment.

The Huatulco lifestyle

Karla says she also loves communicating the enthusiasm she feels for the Huatulco lifestyle to her clients. She says she gets to transmit everything she loves about Huatulco: that it’s a safe, clean place, that people are friendly and kind, that there’s no traffic, and of course discovering all of the beaches! And that it’s somehow a simplified lifestyle where we appreciate the simple things: the beach, playing in the sand, dancing, music, and having a cold beer.

Brent May, founder and CEO of Bayside Real Estate and Mexico Living says:

Karla prioritizes her clients over all else. She really takes care of people and her joy for life is contagious. She stays committed to clients’ interests, understanding how important the decision to buy or sell a property can be. With excellent customer service and commitment to hard work and 100% follow-through, Karla guarantees a seamless and enjoyable home-buying process from start to finish.”

Karla genuinely loves that part of her work is to help make dreams come true. She has a special way of connecting with people. If you would like to connect with Karla and are convinced that Huatulco is the place for you or for your new investment property, get in touch with her. Karla will be happy to hear what you’re interested in and show you the lifestyle and opportunities waiting for you.

Karla Mendez
Phone: +52 222 293 0577

About Karla Mendez:

When Karla was a child, she had the opportunity to travel with her family to different beaches around Mexico, she has been always a beach lover. At the age of 23, she had the opportunity to move to Huatulco for work, sight unseen. As soon as she stepped off plane, she knew that Huatulco was going to be the place for her. After working in the tourism industry for over 4 years, she excelled in customer service and was recommended to Brent by his cousin who was staying in the hotel where Karla worked. The rest is history. Karla loves animals, exercising, reading books and chilling at the beach while enjoying the sun and getting a good tan.

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