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Embracing Huatulco: Leah Guzman’s Journey from Exploration to Real Estate Expertise

Posted by Ailen on January 18, 2024


Leah is a seasoned real estate agent with 7 years of experience at Bayside. She uses her expertise to make a positive impact on the Huatulco real estate market. Born into a Mexican-Canadian family, Leah’s journey has been one of cultural immersion, spanning continents and languages. Though she’s traversed the globe, it is in Huatulco that Leah has found home.

Leah says, “For me, Huatulco isn’t just a place; it’s a way of living.” Beginning her days surrounded by nature, practicing yoga, and indulging in relaxing swims in the ocean, Leah has meticulously curated the perfect work-life balance. This balance isn’t just a personal accomplishment; it extends to her professional life, allowing her to approach her workday with a calm and collected presence – a quality she generously shares with her clients.

Leah’s unique perspective as a real estate investor allows her to empathize with the potential challenges of buying property in a foreign country. With a decade of experience in the Huatulco real estate market, she has honed a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to the buying process. For Leah, being a real estate agent isn’t just about finding the right property; it’s about being a guide throughout the entire journey. She shares her knowledge, provides unwavering support and ensures that her clients feel fully informed and prepared. Her commitment doesn’t waver until the keys to their new home in paradise are securely in their hands.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Leah first set foot in Mexico at the age of 2. She was blessed with a Mexican father and a Canadian mother. Her early immersion in both cultures and languages laid the foundation for a life rich in diverse experiences. After traveling and working throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and South America, Leah is now happily settled in Huatulco.

Huatulco came into Leah’s life in 2008 during a visit to her sister. What began as a visit developed into a deep connection that led Leah to eventually become a full-time resident and investor. Today, 16 years after her first visit, Leah says, “As I grow my own family, I’ve come to appreciate Huatulco not only as a beautiful place to live and enjoy but also as a place that offers the infrastructure, medical care and community that we all look for when it comes time to settle down. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect beachside retirement, looking for a solid investment property or perhaps just looking for a change in lifestyle, I’m here to turn that dream into reality.”

Focused on customer service, armed with excellent listening skills, and guided by integrity, Leah ensures that her clients not only find their dream property, but also embark on the Mexico life they’ve always envisioned. In the Huatulco real estate market, Leah’s dedication is built on passion and a genuine commitment to turning dreams into tangible realities.

Let Leah Guzman assist you in finding your dream property!

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