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Redefining Home: Discovering Paradise with Mike Leon

Posted by Ailen on December 18, 2023

Huatulco has become a magnet for those seeking a transformative lifestyle change. Mike Leon and his family chose to move to Huatulco, redefining their lives in this tropical paradise.

Originally from Mexico City, Mike moved to Canada at the age of two and spent most of his life in Toronto. Despite a successful 18-year career as a teacher, specializing in physical and special education, the cold winters, high living costs, and limited family time prompted Mike to seek a change. His heart yearned for Mexico, and the transformative moment occurred during a Christmas visit to Huatulco in 2016 with his Mexican family.

Fueled by the desire for a warmer lifestyle and a closer connection to his Mexican heritage, Mike and his wife made the decision to relocate to Huatulco with their two children in a loaded truck, with two dogs, and endless possibilities. Huatulco continues to captivate Mike, offering the outdoor, active life and natural beauty his family sought.

Embracing Huatulco as their new home, the Leon’s found a vibrant community and a welcoming environment for their children. The ‘Mayberry of Mexico,’ as it’s often called, exuded safety and embraced the children’s individuality, making the decision to move an enriching experience for the family. Despite initial language barriers and adjustments, the Leon’s found camaraderie in their apartment complex and quickly integrated into the community.

For Mike, the move wasn’t just about escaping the Canadian rat race; it was about growth, shared adventures, and creating a life aligned with their dreams. Huatulco’s slower pace allowed for quality family time, strengthening their bond through activities like paddleboarding and exploring hiking trails.

Mike easily connected with the warm expat community, adding to the richness of life in Huatulco.

Mike loves connecting with clients who all in all have many of the same motivations he did when he decided to move to Huatulco. He is an excellent ambassador for the Huatulco lifestyle of fresh food, sunshine, and ability to enjoy an outdoor, active life, year-round. He deeply understands his clients’ needs and is skilled at showing them how easy and amazing life can be here. He knows the ins and outs of the home buying process and will be happy to share his experience and serve as your guide to buying your dream home.

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