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Pro Surfer Roger Ramirez Signs Again with Bayside for the 2023 Season

Posted by Ailen on January 14, 2023

Bayside is thrilled to announce that Puerto Escondido-based pro surfer Roger Ramirez has signed with the Bayside Surf Team again for the 2023 Season.

A professional surfer, Roger Ramirez, now 27, has been surfing for about 18 years. Roger says he loves surfing the big waves in Puerto Escondido, the Mexican Pipeline, because there’s a lot of adrenaline. “Mother Nature is in charge of these waves. Surfing here requires a lot of dedication and discipline.

Roger grew up in Puerto Escondido and learned to surf with his cousins including the late Oscar Moncada. Roger says his cousins influenced him with their excellent surfing style. The ocean is a way of life for Roger and his family. His uncles, Juan, Miguel and Lupe, were among the first anglers and surfers in the community.

Surfing is my passion and being in the water all day recharges me with good energy.” Roger is most proud of having made semi-finals twice and being in the top 45 in the World Cup alongside the best big wave surfers in the world.

Roger has been surfing around the world in Indonesia, Bali, Baja California, Chile, but Puerto Escondido is home. Roger says “Zicatela will always be my favorite place to surf. There’s no place I love more.” He says life is simple and we have everything we could possibly need: fresh fish, market-fresh fruits and vegetables, great waves and an amazing beach lifestyle.

This past Thursday evening was a time for celebration in Costa Cumana, Puerto Escondido. Hosted at Casa Zee, the Bayside team gathered with close family and friends of the surf community. JJ (local surfer and friend) welcomed the small crowd and introduced Bayside CEO Brent May. Roger re-signed with Bayside Puerto Escondido where he’s been sponsored from 2018 to 2023. May explained why he and his wife feel it is so important to give back to the community in the name of sport and why and how they select the athletes they do for sponsorship. May also expressed his gratitude for a life on the Oaxaca Coast.

We could not be more excited about continuing our partnership with Roger,” commented Brent May, Owner and CEO of Bayside Real Estate, Top Mexico Broker. “Roger’s passion, dedication and determination match our story at Bayside. We believe you create your life and it’s up to you to go after your dreams. Roger is a testament that surfing is about fun and pursuing your dreams.” Roger has been with Bayside since 2019.

Roger also shares his excitement on signing with Bayside. “I’m so excited to be able to further my career thanks to Bayside, to continue my journey searching for the big waves.” He says being a part of Bayside is more than just a sponsorship, he says he feels like a family member of the Bayside team. He says thanks to Bayside, this year, he hopes to get to Hawaii and qualify for more big wave competitions.

Ramirez joins the Bayside Surf Team with Regina Pioli and Maya Larripa.

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