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Nathan Cook Joins Bayside Real Estate Yucatan

Posted by Ailen on March 11, 2023

Huatulco, Oaxaca, March 11, 2023 – Bayside Real Estate is proud to announce the addition of Nathan Cook as their newest agent. Nathan is a former resident of Calgary, Alberta and brings over 15 years of sales and customer service experience to the team.

Authentic. Caring. Sensible.

With a business education background, Nathan has a unique ability to connect with and understand the needs of people searching for their dream home. His professional background also provides him with the skills necessary to effectively communicate and guide his clients through the home buying process.

His passion for helping others and love for Yucatan state make him a valuable asset to Bayside Real Estate. Nathan has always aspired to live in Mexico full-time. He loves the values a more laid-back, beach lifestyle provides. He loves being social and appreciates the general ambiance of people being together outdoors enjoying life.

Nathan Listens to His Clients

Nathan is a good listener and prioritizes his clients’ needs. He enjoys meeting different people, learning about their goals in life, and helping them get there. He says his goal is simply to help people find what they need. He says the house-hunting and home-buying experience is about finding solutions and showing people what they want.

He enjoys educating his clients on the process of buying a home in Mexico. He says “I wish people knew that the process is easier than what they think. There is so much false information online. Ultimately, I’m here to guide my clients through the process and help make sense of it.

The Yucatan is an incredible location.

Nathan is excited about being in the Yucatan. He says it is a unique location because on the one hand, you have the beautiful colonial city of Merida with 1.4 million people, its culture, cuisine and world-class services and by contrast, you can enjoy a small beach town, quality lifestyle a short distance away.

We are thrilled to welcome Nathan to the team,” said Brent May, Founder and CEO of Bayside and Mexico Living. “His combination of sales experience, along with his passion for helping his clients, make him a perfect fit for our team. Our realtors share the lifestyle experience of the place with our clients. They are backed by a complete team of experts so that our clients are fully supported.

For more information about Nathan Cook and Bayside Real Estate Yucatan, please call 999.418.4827 or visit

About Bayside Real Estate:

Bayside Real Estate, Top Mexico Broker, has expanded as a real estate agency since 2010 to four locations and grown their team with the intention to provide exceptional quality and legal service to their clients. Through Mexico Living, they share information in webinars, workshops, blogs, and videos about buying and living in Mexico.

Nathan Cook
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