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Meet the Real in Real Estate, Meet Mario Devcic

Posted by Ailen on July 6, 2023

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mario Devcic brings unmatched understanding of one of Mexico’s hottest real estate markets to Bayside. Known for his expertise and down-to-earth style, Mario prides himself on showing people that their Mexican dream can become reality.

After spending time in Baja California and then Yucatan, Mario and his family moved to Huatulco for the lifestyle. He and his wife moved to Mexico with their 3 children, now 16-year old twins and an 11-year old, because they were tired of living the stress of the rat race in Canada and aspired to a different way of life. They wanted a real-world education for their kids. Now, in Huatulco, they meet people from different countries and horizons and can learn Spanish. Mario says homeschooling was the right fit for them, that they truly enjoy the freedom to learn and haven’t looked back since 2019.

By pairing his work ethic and keen insight of the Oaxaca coastal market trends, Mario tailors his services to best fit each individual client and secures the ideal home or investment property. He says he understands his clients who are considering moving to Mexico with their kids. He’s been in their shoes and understands what a huge step it is.

The Mexican Dream

Mario shows people that moving to Mexico can be a reality, not just a dream. He educates his clients who are stepping out of their comfort zone, stepping out of the programmed lifestyle. Mario says:

I meet so many people now who have remote work possibilities or want to start a business and are asking themselves ‘Why wait until we’re retired to move to Mexico?’ They realize that the time to really enjoy Mexico is now. And when they do finally make the move, they say ‘Oh! Why did we wait?’

Genuine. Friendly. Real.

Mario is setting a new tone for what it means to be a real estate leader on the Oaxaca Coast today. With his expertise of the local market and his experience of leading by example, Mario makes a lasting impression on the clients he represents. He says Bayside goes a lot deeper than just real estate. He wants to be sure Huatulco checks all the boxes for someone looking to purchase. He wants to be sure this is truly the right place for them. And if it’s not, he says Bayside has other destinations like Yucatan and Mazatlan that may be a better fit.

Prioritizing Communication

Mario prioritizes communication not just during the process of home buying, but even afterwards. He creates good relationships with his clients and provides the full Bayside experience. He says people can relate to him and his family’s story because they are real people. So telling people about their story and showing people that it can be done is incredibly important.

Creating Solid Relationships

Brent May, founder and CEO of Bayside Real Estate and Mexico Living says:

Mario Devcic is a full-service real estate expert who uses his ability and years of real estate experience to create solid relationships with his clients. He provides them with the full Bayside experience, being present, answering questions, and showing people there are a lot of opportunities in the world.

Mario says he values being backed by the Bayside team who expertly handles and guides clients through the purchase process. He educates his clients about the process and that there are differences in how property is purchased in Mexico or the U.S. or Canada. He says, “Patience is everything.” Mexico is different, and that’s why we love it. And just like any bureaucratic process in any country, things take time.

Mario is dedicated to serving the needs of real estate buyers in Huatulco. Whether you’re looking for a family home, luxury real estate, or an investment property, Mario looks forward to introducing you to the community and lifestyle of Huatulco’s exceptional neighborhoods.

About Mario Devcic:

Mario was born in Croatia and moved to Canada after playing semi-pro soccer in Croatia, Italy, England and Spain. In Calgary, Mario worked as a dedicated real estate agent with Remax and continued his path with integrated real estate companies in home building, land and commercial developments and managing sales teams and land acquisitions. Mario continued his professional growth by founding his own home construction company building several homes in the Calgary area before moving to Mexico with his family.

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