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Legal Notice | Aviso Legal

Posted by Ailen on June 27, 2022

Let it be known by this official notice Luis Antonio Martinez probationary employment contract was terminated on Friday, June 24th 2022 with Bayside Real Estate. Be aware that any advice or statements written or verbal given by Mr. Martinez are not the advice or views of Bayside Real Estate.

Bayside is committed to making sure their clients always receive only professional and accurate legal advice and that their staff are able to work in a safe, respectful and non-threatening environment.

Bayside Real Estate


Hágase saber por este aviso oficial que el contrato de trabajo probatorio de Luis Antonio Martínez fue rescindido el Viernes 24 de Junio de 2022 con Bayside Real Estate. Tenga en cuenta que cualquier consejo o declaración escrita o verbal dada por el Sr. Martínez no es el consejo ni la opinión de Bayside Real Estate.

Bayside se compromete a asegurarse que sus clientes siempre reciban solo asesoramiento legal profesional y preciso y que su personal pueda trabajar en un entorno seguro, respetuoso y sin amenazas.

Bayside Real Estate

One thought on “Legal Notice | Aviso Legal

  • Michael Fox
    on May 27, 2023

    Employee terminations are never easy especially when your in Real Estate. In this cancel culture world we need to weight the good and bad, not just listen to the noise. Ask questions of those that post negative stuff to see if they are real or just part of the noise. Most are! Just my opinion!

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