The Spirit of Canada


K A M L O O P S    B C

Small Town Culture


Using a triple distillation process through our 20 plate still, we create flavourful Spirits full of hard work, dedication and passion.

About Us

Route 1 is the Canadian brand of Spirits. From its roots in the Interior, we are proud to offer Spirits that bring Canadians together.

Mile 0 Vodka bottle in front of purple flower


From Mile 0 to Hells Gate, you will enjoy the clean crisp smoothness of our Spirits.

available merchandise for Route 1 Distillery, shirts, hats, drink ware


If you are looking for some Merch, we have you covered.

M I L E   0


Whether you are enjoying company with friends, or relaxing after a long day of work, enjoy our Spirits with your favourite mixer or chilled over a bed of ice. 


Taste of the Interior


Clean filtered spirit



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What we do

Why choose us

Everyday we go to work excited about the opportunity, through spirit and passion, to bring joy and warmth to all our friends. 

Our story

Within the boundaries of Exit 388, an idea was formed to bring two things together. A pure Canadian Spirit and a national togetherness of being a Canadian that extends from Coast to Coast.  We developed a strategy, an outline and a roadmap to get us there.  Through hard work, dedication and a passion to produce the highest quality spirits, the true foundation of our journey has began. We would be honoured for you to be a part of it.

Our mission

We love Canada and we love Canadians, and we want everyone to know this. Through our products and our branding, we strive to be Truly Canadian.  Canada is a beautiful Country with beautiful People and we want to experience this journey with all of you. Eh!

Our vision

Although we are from a small town culture, we have a big heart legacy.  We see Route 1 being the Canadian brand of Spirits in the Craft Distillery Market.  We want to include Canadian culture with the history, present and future to fully understand how great it is to be Canadian. Canada is Beautiful and so are its people.

Our clients


Don’t just take our word for it

I tried their Vodka and was surprised how good it was.  Very cool set up for a distillery.

Trevor S

I’ve known Joel and Derek for a long time and am very excited for their newest venture.  How can you not like local craft spirits and a great atmosphere.

Julie R

I love their vodka. I can’t wait until they are fully open and I can grab a couple bottles for the shelf.

Chris L

I love the idea of a local place in Kamloops to go where I can get a Craft, local Spirit.  I am not a beer drinker and can’t wait to hang with my friends in the Tasting room of this Kamloops Distillery.

Candice K


We would love to hear from you. We are always looking for ways to improve and be better. Drop us a line or come and say hello and let us know how we are doing. Whether you’re coming in for a quick visit or looking to stay awhile, Route 1 can help you enjoy some wonderful drinks with friends. 

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