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Agent Signs with Top Firm – John Smeh – Bayside Real Estate

Posted by Ailen on November 10, 2021

Bayside Real Estate Puerto Escondido Welcomes John Smeh to the Team!

Getting in front of the market with John Smeh, Bayside Real Estate Puerto Escondido’s Newest Agent.

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico – Mr. Smeh is setting a new tone for what it means to be a real estate leader on the Oaxaca Coast today with the #1 Oaxaca Coast Broker, Bayside Real Estate Puerto Escondido. With his expertise of the Pacific coast real estate market, John is a full-service real-estate expert bringing a 30-year career of real-estate experience to the Oaxaca coast. From his college degree in architectural drafting and design, to obtaining his brokerage license by the time he was 22, Mr. Smeh’s skill set – acquired through his cumulative professional experiences in real estate, travel, construction and business management – is now at the service of his clients in Puerto Escondido.

Mr. Smeh excels at serving the entire spectrum of clients the Oaxaca coast attracts. Using his ability and seasoned experience to foster solid relationships between buyers, sellers and developers, John is changing the game on the Oaxaca coast. His knowledge of the real estate market and local area and in-depth understanding of his clients’ decision-making process ensure his clients get proper representation.

John strives to educate his clients on the local and regional property purchase process. He began in Puerto Escondido by buying his own property. He likes to transmit the take-aways of that experience and those of other clients to buyers considering purchasing property in Puerto Escondido today. He says it’s important to know that there may be steps along the way in the purchase process that may be a little different than what northerners are used to and the timeline may vary, but he says, we know this from the get-go and the end result is the same.

More than a necessity, buying a home in Puerto Escondido is a dream

John genuinely enjoys handing over the keys to new beach front and ocean view homes. Why? “I enjoy seeing clients build their dreams. Handing over the keys in Puerto Escondido is more fulfilling because clients are checking off an item from their dream list.

Brent May, Owner and Operator of Bayside Real Estate, the Coastal and Urban specialists, signed John Smeh to the agency. Brent says John’s personable style, attentiveness and desire to privilege client relationships through great communication and service is what the Bayside Real Estate experience is all about.

Knowledge, personability, and guidance through the property purchase

John guides people through the purchase process with hands-on service. He says communication is key to creating outstanding buyer-seller relationships and really listening to buyers’ needs to be able to match them with excellent opportunities. John privileges in-person meetings whenever possible or video calls rather than texting so that he can create a real sense of connection with his clients.

If you’re ready to explore what the Puerto Escondido market has in store for you, join John Smeh on a Bayside Stay and Play experience by getting in touch today.

About John Smeh

With a college degree in architectural drafting and design, Mr. Smeh has worked in real estate form the age of 19. He complements his real estate career with experiences in travel, construction and business management. His years of experience led him and his wife to Puerto Escondido, he says, by connecting the dots of up-and-coming real estate market developments along the Pacific Coast. He says they wanted to move to a warmer place and explored destinations from Costa Rica to France and Australia. They chose Puerto he says because it is 6-8 hours of travel from Canadian and U.S. destinations, because the sunsets are stunning year-round and the lifestyle is appealing to many different people making the community rich in personality. He and his wife love the surf-chill vibe.

John says, “Puerto’s market is hot and it’s the right time to get in because looking at other developing markets along the Pacific Coast, Puerto Escondido’s real estate can only continue to go up in value.

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